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Yo-kai Watch 4: Careless Yo-kai Dance

Originally released on June 19, 2019

This is a promotional music video for the video game "Yo-kai Watch 4: We're Looking Up at the Same Sky" for Nintendo Switch.

Performance: ririri
Choreography: Iripon-senpai
Song: +a/alfakyun.

Song Translation: Manjiknights

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Yo-kai Watch 4: Yo-kai Tongue Twisters

Originally released on June 27, 2019

This is a promotional music video for the video game "Yo-kai Watch 4: We're Looking Up at the Same Sky" for Nintendo Switch.

Song: +a/alfakyun.

Song Translation: Lumpstud

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Yo-kai Watch!

Broadcast: April 5, 2019 - December 20, 2019 (36 episodes)

Keita Amano returns as the main protagonist in this reboot series, filled to the brim with slapstick comedy and running gags!

Episodes 1, 2, and 4 were released independently by Noroino Hanako, Lumpstud, and NeSubs respectively, and are included with our group releases for your convenience.

#Main TitleLink
1This Life is Too AverageView
2Yo-kai FukuryuuView
3Yo-kai Tenohira-gaeshiView
4The Modern OkanenaiderView
5Yo-kai MotenusuView
6Yo-kai TodorokijishiView
7Yo-kai DenjinView
8Yo-kai GyuujiruView
9Yo-kai YametaishiView
10Yo-kai ShirakirisuzumeTBD 2020
11Yo-kai Osuberi-samaTBD 2020

Yo-kai Watch Shadowside

Broadcast: April 13, 2018 - March 29, 2019

Set thirty years after the events of the original series, Natsume Amano helps run a Yo-kai Detective Agency set to exorcise and stop evil Yo-kai from hurting others.

Episodes 1-33 were released independently by Noroino Hanako, and are included with our group releases for your convenience.

1 / 2Ghost Gang Leader / Bicycle Ridden by the DeadView)
3Plundering Demon Red HeadView
4What A Waste ManView
5An Anatomical Model in LoveView
6Smiling DogmanView
7Splitting Face WomanView
8Almighty's UprisingView
9It Is Called a Man-Eating TunaView
10The Terrible Ripping JokerView
11I am a Cat Yo-kaiView
12Touma's ImprisonmentView
13The Strangeness of the Mountain of PrayersView
14Acala, Wicked and HeavenlyView
15A Cute Girl Who Comes Every One Hundred Thousand YearsView
16A Deadly Swim in the OceanView
17The Cursed Fox and the Ouija BoardView
18Face ThiefView
19Cicada's Semifinal CounterattackView
20The Phantom Theater Room 0View
21Revive! Kenbumajin Suzaku!View
22Touma and the Oni King's FragmentView
23The Dark Clinical Records of Doctor CView
24The Dreaming Hana PonchoView
25Farewell, MicchiView
26The Demonic Man-Eating ToiletView
27The Wandering KomajiroView
28The Cursed AI AssistantView
29The Bloody Clover of TragedyView
30Ayame's FallView
31A Fierce Duel! Suzaku vs. GenbuView
32The Life-Eating JorougumoView
33The Absentminded Satan ClausView
34The Yo-kai Detective Agency With Just the Yo-kaiView
35The Weeping Ballet ShoesView
36A Very Shadowside ChristmasView
37The Princess is Right ThereView
38Someone Awaits YouView
39The Candy Store HorseboyTBD 2020

Yo-kai Watch

Broadcast: January 8, 2014 - March 30, 2018 (214 episodes)

Keita Amano is an ordinary kid in the fifth grade. One day, after tresspassing in the woods, he obtains the Yo-kai Watch; a mysterious device that allows humans to see Yo-kai. Together, with Whisper and Jibanyan, he befriends the Yo-kai that cause him problems in his everday life.

Episodes 117-172, Episodes 179-182, and Episodes 183-191 and 200 were released independently by Manjiknights, Noroino Hanako, and Lumpstud respectively, and are included with our group releases for your convenience.

#Main TitleLink
117Yo-kai IballoonView
118Yo-kai EcolojiiView
119Raising the Curtain on the Yo-1 Grand Prix!View
120InaUSA Detective Agency Investigation File 1: HanahojinView
121Yo-kai DinashiiView
122Yo-kai MaiccarView
123Yo-kai BungeekyuusuView
124Yo-kai DarisuView
125Yo-kai FuankanView
126Yo-kai HijouguchiView
127Yo-kai AitatatimesView
128Yo-kai MuchaburikkoView
129Yo-kai DemonadeView
130Tomnyan Appears! Let's Get the Yo-kai Watch Dream!View
131Tomnyan and JerryView
132Inaho Observation DiaryView
133Unchikuma and BakazukinView
134USApyon Runs Away From HomeView
135There's Lots of Yo-kai at the Hero Show, Too!View
136Tomnyan vs. Floury JapanView
137Yo-kai KamaitachiView
138Yo-kai AkkerakanView
139Yo-kai AshitagirlView
140Yo-kai KontanView
141Yo-kai OreryuuView
142Yo-kai TenparumbaView
143Yo-kai SounameView
144An Endangered Species?! Save the Yo-kai Bukakkou!View
145Yo-kai WakarunnerView
146Yo-kai NorarikurariView
147Yo-kai JingisgiskhanView
148Yo-kai HarmoryView
149Yo-kai ChikurimaView
150The Questions About Yo-kai Everyone Wants to Know! We're Answerin' Them, Y'all!View
151Yo-kai KimetemaouView
152Let's Try Out the Yo-kai Bazooka!View
153Momotaronyan Defeats the Great Iron OniView
154Yo-kai PochiiView
155Yo-kai YabuletterView
156Yo-kai Speech-himeView
157A Heart-Pounding Valentine's Chocolate PartyView
158Yo-kai ArchaaView
159The Great Girls' Day Battle! Fubuki-hime vs. Tsubaki-himeView
160Yo-kai JimanhattanView
161Yo-kai GojidatsujiiView
162Whisper's GraduationView
163Yo-kai OkiracoonView
164Yo-kai Watch Busters ~An Easy Mission for the Fallen Busters?!~View
165Let's Come Up With a Story! A New Yo-kai Series Board MeetingView
166Yo-kai DamajorView
167Yo-kai AadacondaView
168Yo-kai are Everywhere on Inaho's Golden WeekView
169Yo-kai are Everywhere on Children's DayView
170Yo-kai KechirashiView
171Yo-kai NopperaboView
172Yo-kai Wall GuyView
173The Rainy Talk Show for the Rainy Season!View
174Yo-kai MoruraView
175Exposing USApyon's Secret!View
176Inaho Becomes a Love CupidView
177Yo-kai HimatsubushiView
178A Competition Unfolds! The Wish-Granting Yo-kai SlipView
179Great Great Great Adventure! Busters Treasure!View
180Let's battle for view counts on Yo-tube!View
181Yo-kai MosakuView
182The Tengu's Fierce BattleView
183Yo-kai Bon OdoriView
184Android Yamada's Summer BreakView
185Yo-kai Kurekurepatra ~The Yo-kai Watch Crystal Treasure~View
186Yo-kai GaranduView
187Yo-kai Gorgeous AmbassadorView
188Yo-kai KibandollView
189Yo-kai DozillaView
190Inaho's Yo-kai Field DayView
191Yo-kai HitoriyogariView
192Yo-kai YamatobokeruView
193Tomnyan's Trick-or-Treat, Meow!View
194Lord Enma’s Yo-kai Halloween!View
200The Grand Adventure of the Flying Komasan and the Wish World, Y'all!View

Yo-kai Academy Y - Close Encounters of the N Kind

Broadcast: December 27, 2019 - present

Jinpei Jiba is a student at Y Academy, an elite school where only gifted students attend. Following the events of the Yo-kai Academy Y movie, Jinpei and his friends fight with their YSP Watches and Onyro partners to protect the student body of Y Academy!

1Shock! My First Love Was...View
2The Melancholy of the Salaryman Giant MiyazawaView
3Back to the Morning ~ Don't Step On That!View
4Gross Note: Go in Clean, Come Out Dirty!View
5The Long Line! Cha Li and the Chocolate Factory!View
6The Cursed Cut of the DeadView
7HANAKO: The Queen of Donte Lettite LeekView
8Close Encounters of the N Kind: Did You See a UFO?View
9Prison Break! Failcatraz Detention Facility!View
10Go For It, Y Times News Department!TBD
11Youth is About Fighting Giant Robots!TBD
1224 Hours to Escape! Mechs Save the World!TBD
13Lord of the Pink! Conquer Incinerator Mountain!TBD
14One for the Gamers! Assassin's Heed!TBD
15 The Shocking Final Answer! Jinpei vs. Kirigakure in a Quiz Brawl!TBD
16Is It Wrong for a Fatty to Love a Hot Guy?TBD
17First Love Feels Like My Heart's Gone AwayTBD
18My Part-Time Convenience Store Job!TBD
19A Battle of the Ages! YSP vs. ESP!TBD

Yo-kai Watch The Movie: The Great Adventure of the Flying Whale and the Double World, Meow!

Released in Japan on December 17th, 2016
English fansubs released on February 8th, 2019

It's a whole new perspective for Keita and his friends when a mysterious entity changes their appearance in a very interesting way!

This release was done independently by Lumpstud, and is included with our group releases for your convenience.

English softsubs

Yo-kai Watch Shadowside The Movie: Revival of the Oni King

Released in Japan on December 16th, 2017
English fansubs released on July 11th, 2018

Set 30 years after the original storyline, Natsume Amano and her friends fight off a fleet of evil Yo-kai from wreaking havoc on society.

This release was done independently by Noroino Hanako/Manjiknights, and is included with our group releases for your convenience.

English softsubs

Yo-kai Watch The Movie: Forever Friends

Released in Japan on December 14th, 2018
English fansubs released on July 10th, 2019

After a tragic accident, Shin embarks on a journey to the Yo-kai World with his new friends Itsuki and Tae to find the party responsible.

English softsubs

Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y - Can a Cat Be a Hero?

Released in Japan on December 13th, 2019
English subtitles releasing on November 2nd, 2020

Join first-year student Jinpei Jiba as he joins the YSP Club and pursues a great mystery that threatens the livelihood of the exciting school life at the prestigious and elite Y-Academy: The Curse of Forbidden Love!

The Snack World releases

1I Was Made For This! Vanquish MedusaView
2The Radical CinderellaView
3Pinocchio Version 3.0View

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Translation co-lead for Yo-kai Watch! (2019)
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Step-in translation for Yo-kai Watch! (2019)
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